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Legit You recognizes the rarity of you - your life experiences, perceptions, and longings that perfectly shape and strengthen your super powers. Legit You, helps you discover your distinct fingerprint, rise again with the lotus, listen to your inner knowing, and discern your call to the world.

Lisa Michelle Zega

Lisa Michelle Zega, Facilitator. Coach. Life Translator. Contagious Advocate. Human Currency Billionaire. Opti-realist. Catalyst.  Resilience Doula. Every time we listen to the call of who we are and courageously lean in to who we are meant to be, we give everyone around permission to take another step to align life and purpose.  

Self-compassion is at my core and has been birthed through struggle. I exist in the tension of my limitations and wide-open possibility. I live in the light of my flaws and the beauty of my strengths. I embrace myself and breath in acceptance. 

Trained in Motivational Interviewing, Trauma Informed Care, Wellness Recovery Action Plan and Peer Support. I thrive in group facilitation, strength based communication modeling, and coaching.

Jamie Beck, M.S.

Career Pioneer, Resource Guru. Leader. Edutainer. Misfit. Human Google. Cross Tabnician.  You can’t become what you don’t know exists. When the validation of our history, skills, desires, pain and dislikes are connected to career vision,  opportunities emerge, to reveal purpose and calling.

Daily I push the limits of what we don't know exists by connecting and linking everything I encounter in meaningful ways to validate our experiences.  I laugh at my inadequacies as I stumble through times of darkness in areas I am inept, but shine with radiance and grace where I am called.

Trained in Macrolevel Sociology with an innovative spin on Career Education, Workforce, and Job Seeking.

Mother to a 12 year old unconventional unschooled creative entrepreneur and an 8 year old structured public schooled organized athlete- there is never dull moment- or a clean dish!


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