Who We Serve

You and your clients are unique people shaped by your personality and the imprint of life experiences. Life has drastically changed, bringing this time of transition. You wonder what is needed in this stage of life and are working to figure it out. You don't know what you don't know.  You are ready to ask for help and reset the course of life.   What does the world have to offer as you discover

Legit You?

What We Offer

As you engage or support change, we offer guided assistance to harness the gifts transition exposes. We help you bring to light the legit you and align who you are with what you do. Our services include innovative-individualized assessments, personalized resource mapping, online courses, consultations, workshops, keynotes, coaching, and residency to optimize transformative passages, so that what one does is an expression of who one is. Each offering is designed to help uncover authentic calling – to discover the Legit You.

Who We Are

We are authenticity guides, who embrace the rigor of aligning life and purpose and help others in transition brave this transformative experience. We know what it is to start over, come through divorce, make risky career changes, regain life after death, and discover our true selves. Together we will journey through the array of life’s challenges with compassion, hope, faith, gratitude and generosity. We are courageous, resourceful, and help you listen to the call within, feel the fear, and go for it anyway.

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